Lagstad School Museum

Lagstad School Museum is closed due to the renovation.

Lagstad folkskola, the oldest elementary school building in Espoo, was completed in 1873. It was used as a school until the end of the 1954 spring term, when a new school building was finished. Nowadays the building has been rented to Esbo Hembygdsförening rf for use as a centre for local history.

The Lagstad School Museum is part of the KAMU Espoo City Museum's museum family.

Opening hours

Esbo Hembygdsförening r.f. tel. 040 843 4903.

Vanha Lagstadintie | Gamla Lagstadsvägen 4 02100 Espoo | Esbo

PL | PB | P.O. Box 3250 02070 Espoon kaupunki | Esbo stad | City of Espoo

+358 40 843 4903 |